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What is the SPA Team?


Nu Automations is dedicated to developing relationships with our current customers, while sustaining our growth to maintain our current level of customer satisfaction. We create unique solutions in both residential and commercial buildings and design the projects for the client’s needs. Moreover, with our green initiative we help develop a nu tomorrow for both our clients and our world.


SPA stands for Service and Product Assistance. We want to foster healthy and positive relationships with all of our clients and we believe that goes beyond selling and installing your technology.


While we strive to bring you the best products and service possible, we know that things don’t always go as planned, making it important to make sure you are covered for unexpected and unusual glitches or issues.


After your Nu Automations system has been installed, we go out of our way to make sure you are happy with you Nu smart home with our SPA Programs. Whether that means assisting you with any confusion you may have with the technology or even finding solutions to any unanticipated and uncommon problems, we are here to help!

The customer is why we are here. If we take good care of them, they'll                    give us a good reason to come back.

Jenny McKenzie

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