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Home and Garden Show 2017

The home and garden show last week was a huge success. This year we featured two new products to our line up of services. We featured a green wall that was fully automated with little to no maintenance required. With the home automation system, the green wall is watered automatically and stops as soon as the smart home detects enough water has been fed into the plants. Everything from the sensor to the valve is automated making the green wall fully self sufficient and automated. Just another way smart home by Nu Automations changes your Nu life.

The second feature is the brand new motorized desk. Here we have worked with manufacturers and closed a non exclusive deal to secure the product. The sit stand desk can help avoid long periods of sitting and improve your posture. The desk was integrated with our Google Home system, which allowed you to manage your calendar, your focus mode and your sitting habits. This was all done without you lifting a finger. Just another way home automation can improve you and your family's life style, and another way Nu Automations brings the smart home in your Nu life!

Our hidden home theater is always a hit at the show. For the fifth year in a row, we have showcased our hidden home theater with rave reviews. Imagine your smart home having the capability to be hidden in plain site. Our TV built into a frame, and in-wall speakers that pack a punch with limited visibility show how technology can enhance a space and not always ruin it.

If you have any questions or missed the show and would like demos of what we showcased at the show please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 1 (855) 868 - 5433 or

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