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The perfect pairings to your Nu Smart Home.

Home Automation


The Smart Home Infastructure

No home automation can go without the proper infrastructure. This is why at Nu Automations, we create a network that is both fast and secure for both our users and the smart home.

Secure Your Doors

Have complete control of your doors with smart locks that integrate seamlessly with you Home Automations system.

Enhance Your Greetings

Always be in the know with a smart doorbell. Communicate with guest at the door or ensure security and privacy for you and your family.

Luxury to your Nu Smart Home

Close your blinds with the press of a button, or have them on a schedule to conserve energy or offer privacy when you want it most!

The Garage of Champions

Make your garage a beautiful part of your Smart Home. Control the overhead door or play music while you work!

We can come to you.

Nu Automations is dedicated to improving your lifestyle, not making it harder. That is why we never make you do more work than you have to. Contact us and we will come to you at no cost.

You can come to us.

Your Nu Smart Home may be over whelming to understand, maybe you're a visual learner. We have our office at your disposal at any time to book an appointment with us and see first hand what Home Automation is all about.

See how your smartphone becomes better with our Smart Home Accessories

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