Smart Lighting

with Home Automation

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Get rid of all that acne on the walls of your home with Panelized Lighting. It's a Nu Smart way of doing lighting. A centralized lighting system will allow you to save money both on the wiring and on the design. We are no longer in the era of worrying about where to place our light switches around the house. We can now control multiple switches from a single keypad. This is the Nu way of building Home Automation.

5 Slot Panelized Lighting

5 Slot panelized lighting allows you to control up to 40 light loads in the Nu Smart Home. 

2 Slot Panelized Lighting

2 Slot panelized lighting allows you to control up to 16 light loads in the Nu Smart Home. 

Configurable Keypads

Completely designed for your lifestyle.

Imagine being able to change your keypads to suit your lifestyle. A Smart Home is designed to have the capability of changing to suit your lifestyle. With the configurable keypads you can not only control your lights, but also your home audio, home theatre, home security and so much more. Your light switches become so much more with a Nu Smart Home.

Home Automation Simplified

Have the lights in the house turn on automatically to welcome you home.

Wired or Wireless Solutions

Wireless. Wired. Home Automation can do it all.

For clients building a brand new custom home, our panelized lighting is a great solution for consolidation of controls using wired keypads. In places where pulling wire is impractical or not desired, Nu Automations' wireless lighting solutions can be used seamlessly with the panelized solution in one unified system!

Energy Management

Smart Home are good for both you and your wallet.

Make your Smart Home more energy efficient by adding Smart Lighting. How much energy is being wasted in your home every day due to lights or even small appliances being left on? By installing even a few Smart Lighting devices you can save money on your electric bill. Put your house into “energy” mode on your way out the door or even from your bed at night with the touch of a button.

Customizable Keys

Technology doesn't have to be ugly. Make it beautiful with engraving.

Keypads can be programmed to perform a wide variety of functions including lighting, audio, video, security, shades, and controlling climate. Use the blank sheets to determine the ideal button configuration, color combination, programming, and engraving for your home.

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Ultimate Control

Control your Nu Smart Lighting from anywhere.

It can't be a Home Automation System without the control. Imagine the power in the palm of your hands. With the integration phones and computers in our daily tasks, it only makes sense that your Nu Smart Home should do the same. With your Nu Smart Lighting, imagine knowing how energy efficient you are being.

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