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Security Cameras

with Home Automation

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Security camera systems are a vital part of any home automation system. Four out of five burglaries go unsolved due to lack of evidence. A security cameras can help change the statistics and keep your family safe.

Eyes from Anywhere

Have eyes on your Smart Home at all times.

There are a variety of cameras available in today's market. With wireless, infrared and even remote controlled cameras, you have surveillance options for any situation that can also integrate seamlessly with your Nu Smart Home.

Eyes from Anywhere

The power of motion in the palm of your hand.

Have access to your security system from anywhere and in any way. Whether it be with a touchscreen, mobile device or keypad, you'll always have total control of your home security.

Recording 24/7

Don't ever miss a moment.

Network video recorders allow you to save all of your surveillance footage so you never have to worry about missing a moment.

Learn how easy it is to bring a camera system to your Smart Home.

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