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What is DIY Home Automation?

Want to learn what a DIY Smart Home is? Check out our Video to learn more.

Or check out our brochure.

A Whole New Level of Smart

A thermostat that tracks, and enables energy savings

Light up your Home

Save energy with automation for your lights.

Home Audio Anywhere

No room is left behind with a smart home audio.

Centralize your Control

Automate your home with a single device.

Monitor from a Distance

Monitor your home and deter thieves.

Control Anywhere

All your devices connected to your smart home.

Your Do It Yourself smart home can now be fully integrated with your home using the devices that you use every day. The versatility of the system allows your home automation system integrate with other devices throughout your such as your Apple Watch to your computer. Anything is possible in today's Internet of Things.


Apple Watch




Check out our online store for reviews and information on all the devices.

Still need help setting up?

Our team is here to help you through your issues.

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