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Make Your Home Smarter with Google Home Voice Control

Here at Nu Automations, we are constantly searching for the latest and greatest products in the world of technology and home automation. This week, we present the Google Home.

As Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo, Google Home is the latest and greatest product to have been released by the tech powerhouse. Since its American release late last year, we at Nu Automations have fallen in love with the voice activated smart speaker. With help from Google Assistant, Google’s proprietary intelligent software, Google Home can help you in all aspects of your everyday life. By using the activation phrases “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”, the smart speaker can manage your calendar, play music throughout your house, answer any of your questions and the list goes on.

While Google Home can do a lot within itself, it is in its ability to control different areas and products in your smart home that it really shines. Using voice commands, you can control virtually any part of your home. Google Home can control many different smart products throughout your home through If This Then That (IFTTT) applets. IFTTT applets are easy to program custom voice commands that tie in all your smart home devices. These include Nest thermostats, August door locks, Phillips’ Hue lightbulbs and so much more!

Google Home is most impressive when paired with a home automation system. It integrates seamlessly with our favorite automation system, Control4. The smooth integration of Google Home into a Control4 system means you can control everything in your house like lighting, multi room audio/video, HVAC systems and kitchen appliances through simple voice commands. You can even trigger all of your Control4 scenes with something as simple as “Ok Google, good morning!”

Although Google Home is not yet publically available in Canada, we at Nu Automations have acquired early access for the Canadian market. Click here to contact us with any inquiries you may have!

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new blog and make you don’t miss anything new in the world of tech!

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