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Motorized Desk with Enhanced Technology in your Home or Office

Nu Automations is proud to announce that we are now an exclusive carrier of the Nuance brand sit stand motorized desks. We at Nu Automations are constantly searching for products of quality that can fit with our home automation and smart home systems. With this new addition, not only can we enhance the entire house, we can now enhance the home office as well. With the price tag of $400.00 with pre-order, and $600 at retail, this desk wont break the bank. We can help build healthier lifestyles within out customer homes.

This is the first of many products that will show up in our online store. We want our customers to be constantly exposed to great products that involve the home and technology, and we look forward to bringing you more products that can help enhance your space. We have also designed the desk to show off all the tech, any office should have. Everything from wireless keyboard and mouse to a clean MacBook Pro stand to help with your posture. Here is how we enhanced the space with technology.

1. Posture

We used great posture techniques to help with the way people sit. The table sits at the perfect height for each individual so that their elbows are at slightly less than 90 degree angel. The monitor and computer monitor are placed at the perfect height where the person's eyes is just below the top of the monitor.

2. Productivity

It is a fact that with a clean desk everyone becomes more productive. The wireless keyboard and mouse is a very clean solution to the issue, but we've added something even better. The Saent productivity button. This button helps you stay focused for a period of time. It will block out the sites like any social media or bad apps you use on your computer to help you stay focused on the job at hand. Also, constantly changing your position from sitting to standing really helps you maintain your focus by changing your position and avoid fatiguing.

3. Google Home

The google home is a great way to help you stay focused and on time. It synchronizes with your phone and can communicate with you about all your calendar information, tasks, and so much more. It can even change your LED lights to enhance your workspace environment. It really adds a huge part to the home automation of any home.

At Nu Automations, we have been building great strides to create a perfect home automation and smart home systems for all of our customers, and we felt in order to continue this, we needed to enhance the smart office as well.

If you have any questions about any of the products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or if you'd like to learn more about the desk click here.

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