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The Perfect Custom Speakers from Triad

Who is Triad?

for Over 30 years Triad has been a leader in high-end, custom loudspeakers - handcrafted and made to order for a superior audio experience. Their focus has been delivering exceptional products, professionally installed to create immersive experiences for music and entertainment enthusiasts.

Every Option Under the Sun

Whether you are building a home theatre or looking for excellent quality speakers for your whole home audio system, Triad has you covered. They have Outdoor, In-wall, On-Wall and floor-standing (In-Room) options for all of their speakers. Everything built to order to fit your Unique needs.

Custom is Standard

Built to Order, triad speakers combine craftsmanship and customization to simplify installation and meet the aesthetic needs for any project. Specify ANY size. match ANY colour paint and select from over 20 wood veneer options to blend with the decor of your home. Create immersive and intense sound without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

If you are building a Home theatre and looking for the perfect solution to your Audio needs, get in touch with us here.

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